Tuesday: Top 2 {Songs} and Fitness Time

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, my my my--you always seem to make me happier than Mondays... another installment of Taylor's Top 2 has me singing at my desk--sorry fellow hall work dwellers--although I think they have adjusted to my musical tendencies quite awhile ago...
Top 2 Favorite Songs
1. Wish You Were Here by Incubus--this is my go-to need energy song...nothing makes me happier than listening to some Brandon Boyd!
2. Lovestoned by Justin Timberlake--and how could you not love this man??? He's a TN native, extremely easy on the eyes, and he can serenade me anyday--this song has a fast beat and then switches to slow... perfect for my running workouts!!

And in other news, I am going to make a conscience effort to get back into my regular Tuesday workout/running/exercise/health posts... someone {and I do mean me} has been indulging in some goodies on the weekends here lately and I want to make sure my Monday through Friday eating and exercise habits are carrying me through to keep me balanced... plus, I hope these tips and tricks can help some of you!
First things first, for a girl has to snack: via Women's Health magazine, here is a list of filling low calorie goodies when you need something to carry you through to your next meal:
{P.S. these are right at 100 calories each, too so you dont need to feel guilty!}
2 pieces light string cheese, like Sargento OR 3 wedges Light Laughing Cow cheese
14 walnut halves OR 50 raisins
4 oz. non-fat cottage cheese
6 oz. non-fat yogurt, like Dannon Light n Fit OR Jello fat free pudding cup
15 almonds OR 10 cashews
1 junior Caribou Coffee Iced Latte
1 Tbsp reduced fat peanut butter and 5 small celery sticks
3 Tbsp hummus and 8 baby carrots
15 grapes and 1 packet Swiss Miss Fat Free Hot Chocolate
1 large apple OR 1 small banana OR 1 medium orange OR 1 medium pear
2 cups strawberries OR 1 cup blueberries
Half an apple spread with 2 tsp peanut butter
26 grapes OR 1 cup of mango slices
1 hard-boiled egg OR 1 cup low cal soup
Small baked apple
½ cup lemon sorbet and ¼ cup blueberries
15 strawberries dipped in ¼ cup cool whip lite
45 steamed edamame OR 20 medium sized cherry tomatoes, dip in zero cal dressing
½ cup non-fat frozen yogurt OR 1 fudgsicle


  1. great song picks! Im writing the snack ideas down thanks for sharing!

  2. Loving the snack tips!!!