Relax. Rinse. Repeat

Monday, September 27, 2010

It happened peeps... I officially feel old.
Let me fill you in on how I stumbled to this realization: so 8 of us travel to Bloomington, Indiana, this weekend to attend our friend Jamie's wedding--we arrive late Friday night, head out to IU bars to get our "local fix", indulge in late night pizza, rise and shine bright and early Saturday to get out on the lake and have some adult beverages, go to the wedding, dance and drink like crazy at the reception, and then manage to get home yesterday after some horrid traffic... and now, my body feels like it's going to crumble into 1,000 pieces.
Yes, that's about it--my word we just can't keep up the pace like we used to, though we sure like ot try! I know, I know enough complaining--I can't help but be so thankful for the opportunity to continuously get to share in so many friends' weddings and them embarking on new married life... I just love every second of it!
Now here's the proof:
 Horrid Picture of Me and the Boy
Me and My Jules
Inappropriateness Early On in the Night
 Meg, Jules, and Me during Cocktail Hour--I was SO burnt from the lake =(

Once we got back into Nashville yesterday, Jeff and I headed to meet the parents at PF Changs, fresh from their trip to Greece--they had an incredible time, spoiled us with some WONDERFUL presents {especially my new coffee table book, olive wood salad tongs, and handmade lace linens} and I am so thankful they had a fun time, but managed to make it home safely!
And what about this morning when I woke up to 56 degrees and cloudy?? WOW, I do believe fall is officially here!! Bring on the sweaters and boots--haha, and that post is next to come =)


  1. it looks like you two had a great time. =)
    I know the feeling though -- after a long weekend of partying and hanging out and being on the lake, I am glad to go back to work so I can just sit and work and not expend energy haha =)
    BTW -- Your hair is gorgeous! I'm definitely envious!

  2. What a fun weekend! I just graduated from college last May, and I can already tell that my body can't keep up with the long nights of partying like it used to.

  3. i feel the same way, we've been to six weddings out of the last eight weekends!! and the other two weekends were spent at football games in alabama and at a kentucky game!

  4. Your hair is gorgeous girly! From the pics, it looks like you guys had so much fun :)

  5. You look adorable in these pics! I love your hair and dress! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  6. I can't party like I used to either anymore, girl friend. I'm sorry it's hit you too. Honestly wine movie nights and one night out a week and I'm maxed out.

    Where is that dress from? I think I may need it.

    And that picture is so cuteee of you two.