Fall Fashion 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes, since I raided out my closet a few weeks ago and did a blog sale, I made room for some new pieces to add to my closet... being the savvy fashionista I am--yes, I am ALWAYS looking for a great sale--I stumbled across a few lovelies these past few weeks AND managed to impress the fiance with just how much I can get with only a minor {well, what I think is minor} amount spent.
Long Sleeve Orange Top via Loft
Shimmery Slub Jacquard Skirt via Loft
Striped Boat Neck Tee via Old Navy
Corduroy Bell Skirt via Old Navy
White Long Sleeve Basic Tee via Old Navy
Heather Gray Pullover Sweater via Forever21
Double Breasted Navy Coat via Forever21
{this isn't mine exactly, but its very similar}
Black Bell Skirt via Old Navy
Toggle  Crop Sweater via Old Navy
Brown Mini Cord Skirt via Old Navy
Breton Stripes Dress via Francesca's
And 2 other adorable dresses from Francesca's, though I can't show because they're not online--boo!! Why do they do that to me??? Not to mention I found the most divine tall cognac colored boots...

In addition, I'm busy cleaning our my scarf trunk to make way for some new wrap-arounds {thank you Candice!}, and am officially on the prowl for leggings, sweaters, and tunics--all the essentials for a warm and comfy fall... and finally, the weather has started to cooperate and drop down a bit so I can break out these new finds!!


  1. Love all of your new goodies :)
    I was going to ask (because I perusing on Forever21 website the other day) is the stuff offline in decent condition? I always worry about stuff from that store just because i'm not sure about the quality. Would LOVE your input. Thanks!

  2. All the finds seem fabulous, those boots are amazing!!!



  3. SOOOO CUTE!!! Jealous. :) I need to go make some fall fashion purchases!!!

  4. I love all of these and even have 3 of them you showed :) I do have to ask; Where did you get the boots?! I love them.

  5. great finds! i always get a fall fashion rush whenever the temps drop....i broke out the leggings today! wahoo!

  6. please divulge where the boots are from!!! :) I have had a vision in my mind of THOSE boots for sometime and haven't found anything i like... i LOVE LOVE LOVE Those!! pleeeease!!

  7. PLEASE tell where the boots came from!! LOVE them!

  8. Cute finds! I am so excited for leggings and comfy sweaters too. You just introduced me to Francesca's! I checked out the website and can't believe I have been missing out on this super cute store!