Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday... Alone on an Island

Today's topic over at Taylor's is all about the things you couldn't live without...
The Top 2 Things (not People) You Would Take to a Deserted Island
1. My iPod
Yes I may need electricity on my island, but we are living in my reality for a second so I am assuming there is a way to charge my beloved iPod, even if I have to use solar power--haha... I can't go on trips without this baby--easy to block out screaming babies, or fiances who want to discuss our finances and budget =)

2. Tennis Shoes
If I am stuck somewhere, I might as well get some exercise while I'm there, right??? I know, I sound like an idiot for wanting to run, but you have to kill time somehow and getting blistered feet on a deserted island doesn't sound like much fun to me


  1. Ipod most definitely!! That would be one of my picks, as well! I hope you're doing well, Miss Natasha :) Happy Tuesday! xoxo

  2. An iPod would be a must...why didn't I think of that?

  3. You would be in such great shape!!! I would def have my ipod with an endless battery and sunscreen, I WOULD be fried!!!

  4. Love it! Have you ran in a marathon or half? I ran my first half last year and loved it!!! Have a great day!

  5. IPod of IPhone is the best thing to take!! Movies and music...its all you really need:)

  6. Good choices! Being on a deserted island for a little while sounds pretty heavenly right now!

    I think I'd bring an eReader and a blanket for the sand. I hate being sandy!

  7. Great choices! an ipod is a must! Happy Tuesday!

  8. Amen to blocking out finance talk! I am new here I really like your blog!

  9. Running shoes... good idea!!


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