A Goal a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Since the month of June is winding down {can you believe 2010 is 1/2 way over???}, I wanted to post about where I finished with my monthly set of goals...you can see my original post here
Ok so how did I do???
1. Finish Reading Breaking Dawn--COMPLETE!! I finished it the first week of June--as we all know most of us are pee-in-our-pants excited to see Eclipse coming out tomorrow...I am now reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, which I am thoroughly enjoying!
2. Make Dinner at Least 2 Nights a Week and Try 5 New Recipes--SEMI DONE...Jeff and I are cooking a lot more, though I have to admit a lot of my dinners have been the same things I am used to making--I need to branch out so my Southern Living magazines come ASAP!
3. Get My Oil Changed and Alignment Checked--COMPLETE!! So glad I did this to beat the summer heat, and I saved some money, too
4. Finish Decorating our Master Bedroom--FAIL! I still have pictures to put in our ledge and still need artwork for one wall, but I have a feeling that will be put off until I stumble across something simply fabulous... work-in-progress =)
5. Paint and Decorate the Upstairs Guest Bathroom--FAIL! We all know how this one turned out... GROSS/UGLY/HIDEOUS! The weekend after next I have one day free so I am planning to repaint and get this one knocked out
6. Attend Church Every Sunday We're Home--COMPLETE although I feel like this doesn't count... we were only home 1 Sunday this month, but we did go!!
7. Workout 4 Days a Week EVERY Week--SEMI-COMPLETE...Some weeks I worked out 3 days and some weeks I worked out 4--all in all, with as much traveling as I have been doing,  I ran more miles this month than I did in May so job well done
8. Get Together with 2 Friends I Haven't Seen in Awhile--COMPLETE!! I got to spend quality time with Jenna AND Brittney... so glad we made it happen!!
9. Wash and Clean My Car--BIG BIG FAIL on this one...still waiting for a free second to get this one knocked out--boo, I need to get on it once I get home from this weekend's festivities

With a new month {birthday month might I add!!} beginning, it's time for a new set of goals, right?? I find that if I am motivated I can get a lot more accomplished and so we'll see how long this monthly tradition continues...
1. Pay off Express Credit Card...yes, I am ashamed to admit it, but I have been paying on my Express credit card for quite some time (I can't even tell you the last time I shopped there), though I am going to write my last payment to them this month and close that credit chapter for good!
2. Complete at least 10 days of the 30-Day Shred DVD...Ms. Jillian took a backseat to my workouts since our downstairs carpet was gone, but now we have all new footing to get my additional workouts in for the mornings I don't visit the gym and I fully intend to devote 20 minutes of the AM to extra jumping jacks, ab crunches, and weights
3. Make the Bed Everyday... this one is a difficult task in my household--it's so easy to leave it undone every morning, but coming home to a messy bed at night makes me feel lazy so I am hoping Jeff and I can accomplish this task together--small steps, small steps
4. Update my Tres Chic Ink Blog More Regularly...it's so easy to blog about my personal life, places I am going, things that I am doing, but I need to make a point to blog about my passion for all things paper and really work on helping my calligraphy side-venture grow. Most of my clients have been friends and so I need to network and branch out so I can continue to do something I really love.
5. Send a Note to Someone... emails, texts, and phone calls are the easiest ways to communicate with those we love, but nothing says "I'm thinking about you" like a personal handwritten note--I am going to start keeping my stationery with me and attempt to write more to my family and friends.. just to say hello, tell them congrats, a miss you, etc--whatever the subject is doesn't matter, but it's the thought and the time you take to write that really matters
6. End the Tanning Bed For Good! Yes, I am one of the bad ones that loves to indulge in a good tan day {or two}... but it's time to put an end to the sun damage and I am switching to the Spray Tan--I just need to get the method perfected before some important events so I don't look like the village idiot

There you have it--July's to-do's in no particular order... I'll have to print this off and remind myself to take note of these goals so I am treat myself at the end of the month with something special!


  1. I love getting notes in the mail, they are always so fun, although right now I'm too busy to even send an email, I always find time for blogging though! ;) Good job on your lists and way to get that credit card paid off, that's the best feeling!!

  2. You did a very good job for June. And I'm sure you'll keep it up into July!! Good luck with it all.

  3. Girl you have been busy! Good for you! Great goals too. I had to end my love with the tanning bed a few years ago, and I will admit t was hard but I am sure one day I will be thankful. I am now faithfully devoted to Loreal Sublime tan.

  4. We have a problem with making the bed too. It doesn't get done mostly because Knox is still in it. You're doing a great job at your list!

  5. Good goals for July! I totally am guilty I've been meaning to wash my car but I haven't. I should make a to do list too! I have one from AGE's ago on my blog but never got to alot of it since it's house stuff. I did the Shred this morning! I think I'm going to try to do it for the whole 30 days!

  6. Those are great goals! Good job on x-ing out the tanning beds. Spray tans is much healthier.

  7. Go girl! I'm such a goal oriented person. I love it.

  8. Oh my gosh getting my credit card paid off was the BEST feeling!! I'm with you on the making the bed daily.. It's something I've been working on.. I have a tendency to push snooze 5 too many times and it usually gets put on the back burner in the AM routine! Great job on accomplishing so many of your goals!!

  9. #1: I tan, and I don't judge you for doing so either! Everyone feels good with a little glow (especially one that won't rub off on your clothes) #2: I LIVE to make the bed in the morning, it seriously makes me so happy. Congrats on knocking out that to-do list. Next to making the bed, crossing off a to-do list is an all time pleasure of mine. Can you tell I'm type A?

  10. Just wanted to add my verification word was GATES, like BILL GATES. I think it means I'm going to become very rich...

  11. I'm reading "The Help" right now too...I'm enjoying it!