What Day is Today? Today is Mother's Day

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Do you all remember the Full House episode where Jesse gets the twins to sing a song for Rebecca on Mother's Day? Oh how I miss that show... whenever it comes on, I am glued to the TV like I've never watched it before. Anyways, I remember that song even now and I always call my Mom to sing it to her on her special holiday...
Well today is the day where mothers all over America are celebrated for all they do for their children. I like to think I take time on a regular basis to tell my Mom how much she means to me, but it's today when I get to spend some quality time with her and shower her with love, too!

My mom, Tina, is an incredible woman. She would sacrifice anything for her family, and is the most loving and kind mother I could ever imagine. Everyone tells me I am basically like her "mini" version and I consider that to be a huge compliment. I hope I can be 1/2 as good of a Mom to my own children someday. I love you the most Mommy--always and forever! Our favorite song is "You Are My Sunshine"--she used to sing it to me EVERYnight before bed, and even now, when I return home for an overnight visit, I still get serenaded--yes, you can call that a tad-bit spoiled, but I don't mind =)

Today I'm headed to Murfreesboro to spend some time with her... mimosas and manicures to be exact! We're letting our boys join us for brunch, but the girly time is just for me and her!
Me and My Gal in Florida
Celebrating my Engagement in Charleston
Easter at my Parents


  1. I totally remember that song!! Too funny...

    Have a fabulous day with your mom!! :)

  2. I love Full House :-)

    You and your mom look so much alike! Enjoy this special day with her.

  3. Natasha this was hands down my favorite post of the day. You guys look so much alike and I hope you had a great weekend :)

  4. Hahaha I used to LOVE Full House! Hope you had fun with your mom on Mother's Day!

  5. I still love FULL HOUSE! I hope you had a great time with your mommy!