Busy Little Bee!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now that wedding season is finally here, I am officially working like crazy on my little side business venture in calligraphy. I finished one of my friends' set of envelopes a few weeks ago--with rave reviews from her and her fiance, so I posted the finished product on my other blog, here!
And today, I kick-off my best friend's invitations--all bazillion of them {haha Meg}. It is definitely going to take the entire month we have allotted to finish them, but I know all that time will be worth it in the end and I really think they are going to look beautiful for her wedding.
And yes, I promise to show pics afterwards, too!

P.S. I got an email from the beloved Knot.com today reminding me that today is the 13-month countdown to my own wedding--yippee!!


  1. Yay! We were engaged for a total of 13 months (and 5 days if you want to be technical ha!) and it FLEW BY. So exciting!

  2. You are really talented, Natasha! Looking forward to see your business! :)

  3. That's phenomenal your side business is taking off! I love your calligraphy, the miller and Tate fonts are so cute!