Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesday... Oh Letterpress!

Why do you have to be so pricey??? Little Ms. Natasha over here would love to include you in her wedding, though your cost may outweigh the benefit of having you as a beautiful detail--she's working her magic and is researching everywhere to see the many options out there in weddingland, but her love just may have to take a backseat for more important things... like food, flowers, and a kick-ass band!! 
String Calligraphy Invitation via Bella Figura
Lexington Invitation via Bella Figura
Homestead Invitation via Elum Designs
Trellis Invitation via Elum Designs
Cindrel Invitation via Smock Paper
Rhon Invitation via Smock Paper {**my absolute favorite-swoon!}
Rixi Wedding Invitation via Delphine Press
We can all dream, right??? Happy Wednesday Friends--have a great one!! OXOX 


  1. I love letterpress too! So pretty. I was very fortuante enough to win our invites through magnetstreet weddings so we are able to use that money for other things. I highly reccommend you start entering giveaways!!

  2. I was just looking at purchasing a letterpress machine the other day!!! I LOVE it!! I am dying to have one! :)

  3. Have you checked David's Bridal? Sounds funny, but they have a large selection of reasonably-priced invitations online. They may do letterpress.

  4. Those are so gorgeous!! I could never be that creative though. I love it.

  5. well isn't that all just ever-so-lovely? i remember fawning over letterpress while planning my wedding. and promptly de-fawning once i saw the priciness of said letterpress.

  6. I love letterpress too! It wasnt in my budget for our wedding either though :(

  7. I made the HUGE mistake of spending an INSANE amount of money for wedding invitations... (disclosure: I don't have INSANE money so I wish I hadn't)I know they are beautiful but it's really not worth the money if you have to think about it. I'm glad you have your priorities in order... DRESS/BAND/PICTURES/HONEYMOON :) That's what I think.

  8. I love it too... so beautiful and unique... but I agree, too pricey! Keep researching, otherwise, just remember, most people don't keep the invitations!

  9. As you know, I am TOTALLY with you on this one. These beauties are simply stunning, but the kick-ass band is defnitely more worth the money!

  10. My invitations looked just like that first one!! I LOVED them...we chose letterpressing over engraving because it was so much more affordable...I used Jan Petr Obr...check them out and see if anyone near you carries that line! They were really reasonable and so wonderful to work with!!!


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