A Little of This, A Little of That

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Thursday... how happy I am to see you! With everything I have going on in my personal life, I hate to say I have been a little slacker at work, yet I know things will get crazy again in a few days so I am taking this much-needed quiet time to get caught up on other important details =)
Yesterday, our family room tables arrived... after searching high and low, I stumbled across them at American Signature and instantly knew these were "THE ONES". I promise to post picstures of the actual room with everything in it, but here is a little taste of some of what we ordered--both the TV console and my favorite part, the coffee table with lift that doubly serves for eating and working via laptop=greatest invention ever!!
Both pieces from the Urban Living Collection via AS Furniture
In other exciting news for me professionally, the uber:wonderful Ms. Ashley King from Ashley's Bride Guide--whom I now have the pleasure of knowing --caught up with me a few weeks ago and asked to do a feature on my calligraphy. Being overly excited, I worked feverishly on developing new samples to showcase and worked with her associate Cassandra on my interview, etc. Yesterday, they featured me on their website and I couldn't have been more humbled... these two women are incredible and Ashley is the go-to person for everything speaking to Nashville Weddings. If you don't know her site, you need to--she is amazing. Thanks again Ashley for such a wonderful opportunity! OXOX
You can see the post here

And because we all need a little quote inspiration, check these out:

Update: for those who inquired about the 30 day shred, yes, I am still a bit sore today... haha! Running definitely has my body in shape, but Jillian did something different to areas I hadn't worked in awhile and I LOVE IT!


  1. I love love love your blog! I had no idea that you did calligraphy as well! Very awesome =)

  2. I love the last quote/image very much, I just snagged it for a later time:) oxoxo

  3. love the quotes!!! oh and the furniture too!

  4. 30 Day Shred did the same thing to me (I am also training for a 1/2 marathon)...that Jillian, she is one tough cookie, and that is a tough workout!

  5. I gave you an award check it out: http://amanda-brown.blogspot.com/

  6. I have always wanted a coffee table that raises up like that! Great find!!

  7. Hope your week slows down a little bit! Those tables are amazing. TL and I are looking for some new furniture, so I am going to look at that website. Can't wait to see the room, I need to some inspiration :)

  8. Hello from a fellow Nashvillian! I wanted to finally comment and say I LOVE your blog! I've been a reader in the blog world for a while, and was beyond thrilled to stumble upon a lovely blogger from my neck of the woods.

    You've actually inspired me to finally get off my butt and create my own blog (hope you don't mind that I linked to your blog :)

    Check it out at http://southern-bargainista.blogspot.com

    Have a great day!

  9. I love those quotes...and the furniture is gorgeous!