Wedding Wednesday... on Thursday

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yesterday was a crazy one so I didn't get to devote a post to all things wedding-related...oops! But now that the rain has settled back in here in Nashville {sigh}, I have plenty of time to put my attention back to wedding wonderland. Another check off my list was completed this week--we booked our musicians for the ceremony! Wahoo, yippee, yay...
I always knew I wanted live music for my wedding, ESPECIALLY since Scarritt Bennett has the most incredible organ I have ever seen--not to mention I kept seeing musicians playing at each of the bridal shows we attended so I knew I wanted classical-style instruments to complement my traditional church and ceremony. We corresponded with a few local Nashville vendors and ultimately decided on Wedding Musicians Company.
Not only do they have the exact combination of music instruments I want to use {hey, I have to keep some things secret!}, but they can play each of the songs I requested for prior/during/and post ceremony, which means they are hired!!

And as if I needed to give you another reason to stalk wedding blogs, check out some of my favorite recent posts from this week from other sites---oh how much I love the fact that spring and summer weddings are all about COLOR!!

Front Porch Farms {here in Nashville} featured wedding from Weddings Unveiled Blog
Aqua and Green Inspiration via Southern Weddings Magazine Blog
French Countryside Affair via Green Wedding Shoes
All Things Sweet Candy Board via Style Me Pretty
Holiday Glam Board via 100 Layer Cake


  1. I LOVED the candy inspiration to reality board on SMP!!! I vote for that one!

  2. Yey, that's exciting!

    Just wanted to let you know I saw some pictures from clips from the movie 'I love you Man' and in that movie she has a yellow wedding. If you were to use this color at all... :)

    I love the aqua inspiration board... yum!

  3. Yay, another thing marked off that long to do list! How much more do you have to do?!

  4. Love the aqua and green. I almost went for a palette that I loved on paper (gold and blush tones), but ultimately chose my favorite colors that I'm always drawn to (blue). No matter what trends come and go, I chose something that I'll always love because it was what's important to me :)

  5. two things 1. I agree UT orange is a much better name for the color of the pillows : )

    2. have you decided on colors for the big day? either I missed it or you are keeping it secret : )

    Either way IF i ever tie the know i just may have to hire you since you are sooo on the ball !!!!