Training Day... Week 13

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The number 13... not only is that my Mom's lucky number, but it's the MAGIC number in the world of someone training for a 1/2 marathon--13.1 to be exact! Tomorrow marks the 1 month countdown until the big day and my anticipation is growing... I can't wait to bust a move and have all my hard work pay off...

Yesterday turned out to be GREAT, as the Dr. told me I was A-OK to start working out again which meant a visit to the Y to get back on track, since my 20 miles didn't happen last week due to my "injury". Here is this week's training to ramp me back up again:
Monday: Ran 4 miles at a 9:41 pace; did leg stretches and ab workout
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Run 4 miles at/around a10:00 pace
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Run 3 miles at a 9:30 pace; abs/arms/legs
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: Long Run Day--6 miles at a 9:50 pace
TOTAL: 17 miles

This week, I am wanting to divert your attention to your legs... yes, your legs. Most of us ladies loathe them--one reason I started running was to lean out the mass that carries me around each day because it's the one problem area on my body I can't seem to fix-grrr. Runner's World posted a new video with the best workout to get long and lean legs and I fully intend to take advantage of their smarts. Yes, this exercise is easy, but I ASSURE you you'll feel this the day after so make sure you stretch properly!!

And because my mind is consumed by all things online shopping, I am allowing myself to purchase a race day outfit... we have to at least look like a professional runner, right?? Plus, I know my parents will be snapping pics the entire day so I want to look decent, sweat and all =)

Skorts are a must for me--they are THE most comfortable to run in and they don't ride up...
here are some front runners:
Asica Abby Skorts {Pacific Blue and Lemondrop} via Road Runner Sports
Women's Moving Comfort Endurance Skort via Road Runner Sports

Asics Y Back Tank via Road Runner Sports
Women's Asics Abby Shimmel via Road Runner Sports


  1. Yay for the one month mark. I love the blue skort. Too cute!

  2. One more month - you can do it!

    I love running skirts they are so stinkin' cute!

  3. You go girl!! You are doing awesome!

  4. So cute! I love skorts too! I would go with the navy and yello skort and the yellow tank! Perfect outfit!

  5. You have to be so proud of yourself! One month away!! Go you :-)

    The running skirts are too cute!

  6. Ive never tried running in a skort but now I think I much cuter!

  7. We are getting SO close!!! Yay!

    Good luck this week!