Time After Time

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday Friends!! Hope you all had a great weekend... though mine was nonstop moving and grooving, it was a great one spent with Jeff and some of our closest friends in Knoxville.
Friday night we relaxed and watched movies and packed up for our early morning drive to Knoxville. We got up early Saturday and headed into town... not before wishing this special woman a Happy Birthday:
Though I couldn't be in Fayetteville at the Old Holler to celebrate, you weren't far from my mind Lauren--hope you had a WONDEFUL 26th birthday celebration you old woman... I love you!!

When we got to Knoxville, Jeff and the boys headed to the golf course and I ventured out to do some much-needed shopping for wedding shower gifts {yes, Meg, for you} and see my other best friend Bev's new puppy Griswald, and their brand new home!! I also did a bit of vacation wardrobe shopping and bought my race day outfit-wahoo!! That night, we went to the Jay and Ashley's house for some homemade manicotti {that was to die for} and banana pudding... all in a day's work, right??
Sunday morning, we booked it out of town to get home to watch the VOLS take on Michigan State. Sadly, we screwed it up lost at the last minute, so no Final Four action for UT--however--I am still SO PROUD of our boys... they really proved just what a great team they are and made history making it to the Elite 8--we'll be back next year!!
For the rest of the day, I went and did my 6 mile run at the Y and then went grocery shopping while Jeff weeded the yard. Excuse me, but when exactly did we get soooo old?? Oh, and don't forget cleaning the house... by that time, it was 10 and we were exhausted.

Reminder to Self: TAKE PICTURES!! I have gotten extremely horrible at not capturing my Kodak moments recently... sad that I have no pics from this weekend to show =(

And because we all need a little pick-me-up on Mondays to get us through the week:


  1. I love visiting Knoxville! I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend! And I definitely needed those words of inspiration this morning!

  2. sounds like a fun weekend! Its funny when a "wild night" is dinner out with friends and home by 10... PM! lol

  3. Great weekend! Shopping is always a must :)

    I need that "Wake up every Morning" inspiration message plastered on my wall! Love it!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend, pretty lady!!

  5. sounds like a crazy great weekend!!!

  6. I REALLY want to put that wall cling on my wall!!!

  7. Sounds like a nice little weekend!!


  8. I have really been slacking at taking pictures too! Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend though! Can't go wrong with spending the afternoon shopping.. And Banana pudding and homemade manicotti - lucky! :-)

  9. hey lady - just wanted to say that i am sorry about your vols! i left ya a little side note on my latest post because i felt your pain but it was an awesome fight for tenn!