Fashion Friday... White Hot!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Does white exude all things summer to you?? Do you think of Diane Keaton, as she is somehow ALWAYS dressed in white, especially in her movie roles?? I am obsessed with white clothes and accessories--therefore I invest in Clorox bleach frequently to keep them looking their brightest!
Here are some of my favorite summer essentials to add to your closet, perfect for beach vacations, summer outings, and to all those backyard BBQ parties:

Michael Kors Jet Set Chronograph Watch via Dillards
Antonio Melani "Zamora" Dress via Dillards
Gianni Bini New Way Sandals via Dillards
Grand Ruffle Shell via JCrew
3" Chino Short via JCrew {my fav shorts of all time!!}
Flourishing Tank via Anthropologie
Airy Eyelet Skirt via Anthropologie
Applique Accent Tunic via Forever 21
The Woman in White Dress via Modcloth
Clean Slate Handbag via Francescas


  1. The sandals and skirt are my favorites! Too bad it will be cold and rainy this weekend!

  2. Love all of this white! I especially love white purses.

  3. I LOVE THAT WATCH..I also cracked up at the Diane Keaton comment because it is SO true!

  4. I do love white but I am such a klutz that it gets so dirty!

  5. heeeey I have that dress and those shorts from JCrew. love love love.

    and I'm in love with that white watch! I haven't been able to find one down here though!

    Have you seen the white Toy watches? Love those too!

  6. I just bought a white sun dress! I love white! I was thinking about a white purse too but I had to pass because there was too much already in my basket!

  7. I am ready for Memorial Day and all of the white that comes with it right after ;) I have that Michael Kors watch and love it.

  8. LOVE the watch! I need a good watch.