Fashion Friday... Sale Time

Friday, March 26, 2010

Some people say I shop a lot, and while that is true, I am a bargainista {yes, like the TJ Maxx commercials} and love a good sale ,so I am devoting this Friday's post to all things discount! Each one of these items is on sale RIGHT NOW--yes, now--meaning you must get them ASAP to save your hard-earned $$$...
P.S. for those of you who are on a spending freeze, I hear your pain, but just keep on saving and it'll pay off when you splurge on something truly wonderful for your wardrobe

Embroidered Print Dress via The Limited {Sale Price: $68}
**ALL their dresses are 30% off right now, too!
Sequin Shoulder Dress via The Limited {Sale Price: $82}
Montebello Suede Driving Mocs via JCrew {Sale Price: $60}
Ruffled Henley Tank via JCrew {Sale Price: $25}
Cotton Sunday Skirt via JCrew {Sale Price: $20}
Canvas Island Tote via JCrew {Sale Price: $30}
Twist Neck Pullover via Ann Taylor Loft {Sale Price: $20}
Double Layer Placket Cardigan via Ann Taylor Loft {Sale Price: $20}
Vivian Tank via Anthropologie {Sale Price: $30}
Optimist Dress via Anthropologie {Sale Price: $80}
Dandelion Wish Dress via Anthropologie {Sale Price: $100}
Any other good sales you know going on right now??? With all these wedding activities for all my friends, I am in desperate need of cute spring and summer outfits...Happy shopping ladies =)


  1. Ohh!! Heading to right now! I am loving those moccasins and peach skirt! Thanks, girl! I'm a big shopper too, but love a bargain when I can find them!

  2. Looks like I now have a wee bit o' shopping to do this weekend! :) I've been looking for some cute summer dresses and some of those would be perfect!

  3. Oooh you did some nice shopping! All that stuff is cuuute! I am always down for a nice sale!

  4. I love LOVE those shoes. Need to find me a pair STAT

  5. Wow! Love those moccasins and LOVE their sale price! Thanks

  6. Aw man your killing me! I just got paid today, I then paid all the bills and don't have money for shopping but Ann Taylor's shirts are SOOO needed in my closet. You def. need to get the dandelion wish dress from Anthropology! It's so cute!

  7. Oooh love those Jcrew shoes!! I hope they have my size :)

  8. Love your picks.. and that one of your favorite movies is Sweet Home Alabama ( me too :) xo