Butterfinger Cake

Monday, February 22, 2010

If you gave up sweets for Lent, you may want to skip this post as this cake is tasty and highly addictive... luckily for me, I did not sacrifice something so critical to my diet this year and am allowed to indulge in this amazing treat!! This lovely recipe is brought to you by Kelly's Recipes:
1 box of yellow cake mix {I prefer Betty Crocker}
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 jar caramel topping
3 to 4 Butterfinger candy bars
1 tub of cool whip {use reduced fat-haha}

Bake the cake mix according to the package
While still hot, poke holes all over the cake
Mix the sweet milk and caramel together and pour over cake
Crush up the butterfingers and spread on top
Allow to cool and refrigerate
Once completely cool, top with cool whip and serve
**image borrowed from Kelly as someone forgot to capture the finished product =)


  1. that looks super super yummy (especially for butterfinger lover like myself) and dangerously easy!

  2. sounds great! i will try this over the weekend!

  3. YumYumYum! LOVE butterfingers!

  4. This is bringing back yummy memories! I ate so much of this my stomach hurt! It was well worth it!! This recipe is a definite keeper!

  5. Oh my goodness this looks killer! My boyfriend LOVES butterfinger I'm worried he might just eat the whole thing in one night.

  6. Oops. The Erin post was me. I was logged into my gmail account and forgot to log out before posting! :)