{Training Day... Week 4}

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can you believe it's week 4 of my training??? Ahh- why does time fly by so quickly? So we all know that while on vacation, I was wined and dined so the diet went down the drain for the most part--however--I am happy to report that we walked miles upon miles while we were in Charleston so I didn't feel too guilty for indulging in a cocktail or two {Leslie, I am talking to you here-hehe}
But now I am back to business this week and I've already ran 3 miles... more to add today. Here is this week's schedule and then noteworthy ramblings for added exercise:

Monday: Ran 3 miles at a 9:30 pace {medium run}
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Run 3 miles at a 10:00 pace
Thursdsay: Rest Day
Friday: Run 3 miles at a 11:30 pace {easy run}
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: LONG RUN -- 5 miles at a 11:30 pace

Most of us are guilty of this--we get in these workout routines where we do the same exercises day in and day out, but researchers have proven that it's best for us {especially women} to change things up a bit and try out different workouts to burn even more calories and target those areas we tend to hate the most {thighs, butt, arms, etc}... your local gym most likely offers a variety of different classes and I love to venture out of the box--here are some of my favorites:

1. ZUMBA- I've said it before... this is a great workout!! It's a combination of latin dance moves with cardio dance and you'll boogie all the sweat out. Our Y instructor has lost more than 100 lbs since she started teaching this and anybody at any age can enjoy this class--it's so much fun and even better when the girlfriends come, too!

2. CARDIO KICKBOX: Though I haven't done one of these in awhile, I've got friends who swear by kickboxing: an intense a mixture of kick and punch moves, add in jump ropes, drills, and those ab workouts we loathe, and you've got one powerful workout!!

3. SPINNING/INDOOR CYCLING: Do I wear the festive gear some of the "die-harders" wear? No. Do I get in there and jam out to the instructor's iPod? Yes. I love spinning--I love the different rides, the challenges throughout the 45 minute/1 hour ride, and I love how you feel when you leave... talk about a leg workout, I can barely walk for a few days after spinning.

4. STEP: move to the music and step to the choreography during this class- great for ALL ages, this high energy workout mixes high impact cardio with lots of dance moves... very easy to learn and works each and every muscle, I promise



  1. I love STEP and Kickboxing but our step teacher here in Sac puts all these CRAZY dance moves in the class literally fills up 30 mins ahead of time. I wish I could run a few miles like you! I just need something like a soccer ball in front of me and then I can..

  2. I've done spinning and cardio kickboxing before but I'll have to check out Zumba. Step is a lost cause for me--I'm just not coordinated enough!

  3. I'm sooo wanting to try a spin class...don't know why I've put it off for so long (maybe I'm a little intimidated...of getting my arse whopped completely!)
    Something worth conquoring for 2010!

  4. I love spin but it hurts my butt!!! And I even bought the padded shorts and it still hurts!!!! UGH.

  5. I only had 2 cocktails. The whole weekend. OK fine... 2 every 10 minutes. haha

  6. I love step and zumba! Thanks for updating us on your training I just started training for a 10k this week and reading your schedule is such inspiration!

  7. I just found your blog through "Then I got to Thinking..." and I think your blog is so cute! I agree about the Zumba and Step. I haven't tried kickboxing yet though and cycling looks a little too intimidating. Congrats on your engagement! Way cute story.

  8. I agree with you! I can tell the biggest difference in my weight loss when I start switching up my workouts. I love Zumba too - it's by far my favorite class. Although you should check out my post today about my most recent class and how interesting it was.

    I am scared to try spinning - isn't is super hardcore??

  9. Girl, Charleston is the worst place for a diet, because it has the BEST places to eat! Your workout routine seems great tho! I hear Zumba is fun!

  10. Also - I have left you a little something at my place!