Out with the Old...

Monday, January 4, 2010

And in with the New....
My first blog post in 2010!! First of all, I hope everyone had a great new year's celebration--mine was simply wonderful, laidback, and relaxing with my parents and Jeff, and I don't think I would have had it any other way... {crazy to think that in just 1 year my life has reversed itself from going out every weekend to wanting to spend my nights at home, right??} 

To recap our night, we ventured to the Boro to my parents' house where my Mom was kicking up a major mexican feast, especially since we were EXHAUSTED from ham/turkey/holiday foods. We watched UT get dominated by the VT Hokies--awful, just awful--but still celebrated the night and rang in 2010 complete with fireworks from the neighborhood!

mom hard at work

time for dad's famous whiskey sours!!

boys hard at work with wii boxing

yummy food to get our party started

margarita time!! {remember, we weren't driving-haha}

fajitas= my favorite

i love him =)

After dinner, we got settled into comfy clothes {no glamorous NYE outfit this year friends}, and played as much Wii as we could possibly stand, granted we had just gorged our mouths full of yumminess! And I promise to share the BEST recipe for a sopapilla cheesecake- AMAZING!!

the best champagne ever=i may be running with this idea for my blog...

cheers to a fabulous 2010

The rest of my weekend was spent taking down Christmas {Meg, I love you for this!}, running at the Y {did I mention I hate it that I have to wait for a treadmill when people just NOW decide they need to workout}, and looking at more houses... cross your fingers I won't jump overboard through all of this--such an overwhelming experience buying your first home and I know it'll pay off, but I am ready to sign on the dotted line and have a home of my own.

Happy Welcome-Back-to-Work-with-No-Holiday-in-Sight Day =)


  1. I love your last sentence. I have the same feeling. Looks like a great NYE! We did basically the same thing. Those fajitas looked yummy!

  2. sounds like you had fun! I love playing the Wii, especially with family!

  3. You are too cute:) Your pics are adorable, and I totally want to make the cheesecake!

  4. What a great NYE! I keep swearing that one of these years hubby and I will do the same thing. It would be nice to get a NYE kiss in pajamas!! Thanks for sharing the recipe - I will have to try that soon!