Monday, August 31, 2009

{Recipe: Corn Pudding}

On Saturday night, my company held our annual End-of-Summer party at one of our VP's houses at Fairview Plantation, a beautiful neighborhood/country club located in Gallatin... not only was the weather beautiful and our turn out fantastic, but the food was the most talked-about and memorable experience--can you tell we like to eat?? Spoiled by hamburgers, brats, grilled chicken, and more sides and desserts than you can count, I definitely failed at eating "in moderation", but it was well worth it and it'll just make me run a little longer on the treadmill tonight at the Y (a girl has to indulge herself every once in awhile, right??)
I decided to venture out of my comfort zone a little bit and so I made Corn Pudding... when I told my friend Amber about it, she said it didn't sound very appealing, but I assure you, it is a great southern side dish: If you like corn + cornbread, you will love this dish. I'm thinking this will definitely make a comeback when it gets colder outside, too! Enjoy =)

Ingredients (**I doubled everything because I was serving for almost 50 people)
1 can (15-1/2 oz.) whole kernel corn, drained
1 can (15 oz.) cream-style corn
1 pkg. (8-1/2 oz.) corn muffin mix (I couldn't use corn muffin mix, so I just used cornbread mix)
1 cup Sour Cream
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter or margarine, melted
3 eggs

Preheat oven to 375°F
Mix all ingredients until well blended
Spoon into 13x9-inch baking dish sprayed with cooking spray
Bake 35 to 40 minutes or until golden brown
Serve with additional butter, if desired

Friday, August 28, 2009

Just What Every VOL Fan Wants to Hear

Published on MSN this morning, they created a ranking of the "Top 10 Shocking College Football Scenarios" and my beloved VOLS made the list, not once, but TWICE {as though you are surprised!} What are the events you ask??
(1). To make a long story short, our new coach makes his debut down in the 'Swamp this year, taking on Florida and the "wonder kid" Tim Tebow. The sporting gurus are saying this could the "THE" upset of the year and yes, I am keeping my fingers crossed!! The pregame hatred between our two teams has already begun, and I'm guessing by the time we play them in a mere 3 weeks, it's going to turn into an all out brawl... to put it nicely, our coaches despise each other. Interestingly enough, we tied for the 3rd best defense in the country next year, and that was before we had the king of D, Monte Kiffin.
(2) Eric Berry wins the Heisman... die-hard fans are still scratching our heads as to how Charles Woodson beat Peyton Manning in 1997 for the beloved trophy--we are being optimistic about this year's chances of our boy stealing the spotlight from Tim Tebow {come one, he's already won once!} Visit the website and show your support for this deserving young man!!

Read the full article here
P.S. In 1 week, I'll be heading to Knoxville to reunite with old friends and watch those boys run through the T to make their 2009 football season debut---- GO VOLS!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

{Can Cancer}

As I mentioned last week, Jeff and I went to a benefit last Saturday night known as Can Cancer for a friend of his, Jason Myers, who died of skin cancer in 2008. Not only were they friends, they were work colleagues and developed a great friendship during their time together. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting Jason, but I can tell from stories I've heard from his loved ones and close friends that he had an insatiable zest for life and lived by the motto " No Fun Haters!"

His girlfriend Trish organized the event and WOW, was it a success! When we talked to her on Sunday afternoon, the preliminary numbers for the benefit were coming in and she was estimating somewhere around $13K had been raised to benefit the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center. We had a great time celebrating with friends and I am so happy we were able to attend... can't wait until next year!

P.S. The above is a picture of Jeff and I at the event as well as another photo of me and my friend Julia who I grew up with--you can check out other photos here

{The Top Ten}

The more blogs I read, the more I notice that a lot of bloggers have "personal" touches that make their blog unique and fun... I am have been racking my brain for days trying to think of something I could do to make posts more entertaining, and hopefully enlighten readers and friends about me and my life. Then it just clicked! I used to watch David Letterman every night and always loved his segment of the TOP 10... you never knew what the topic would be, which made it even more fun to see what would be revealed (a guilty pleasure of mine you could say).
So with that being said, each Tuesday (or Thursday, depending on my schedule) I will post a "Top 10" list about my favorite things--trust me, I've started making a list of my ideas and it will be interesting to see what I come up with. This week I give you...

"My Top 10 Favorite Things About Fall"
10. UT Football... GO VOLS!!
9. Hot Chocolate to Keep Me Warm [my Mom's is the BEST!]
8. The Beautiful Colors of the Trees, Especially Driving to East TN
7. Tall Boots--Another Way to Keep My Legs Toasty
6. Hot Apple Pie [well, ANY baked good will do and I LOVE Baking]
5. HALLOWEEN--Just another excuse to play dress up and
head out on the town with friends!!
4. The New Fall TV Lineup!! Looks very promising
and I am sick of reruns

3. Thanksgiving... What Better Way to Join Your Family to Give Thanks for Blessings, and Indulge in Some Wonderful Home-cooked Food with the People You Love the Most!

2. Oktoberfest- the Beloved Tradition of Partaking in
Genuine German Cuisine and Fun in Germantown

And number 1. SCARVES!!! I Wear Them All Day Everyday--They are My One Go-To Item in the Fall and Winter and I Cannot Survive Without Them... A Whole Trunk Full, but I Always Have Room for More =)

Run This Town

My new favorite song from Jay Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna (how gorgeous is she??)... Courtesy of YouTube... although I do admit, doesn't this video make you think of "California Love" by Dr. Dre and 2-Pac???

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

{The Fixer Upper}

Before my recent trip to the beach for my birthday, my Mom picked up a few books for our vacation and surprised me with one she thought would be an easy summer-read, while basking in the warm Florida sun... and with all the free time I've had this week, I finally was able to cuddle up in my bed last night and finish the cleverly titled "The Fixer Upper" by Mary Kay Andrews.
A little bit of background: Dempsey Killebrew (isn't that such a fabulous southern name??) is a young twenty-something lobbyist in Washington working with a Senator when she becomes the unlikely target surrounding a scandal--forced to leave the city, she heads down south to restore an old plantation home that had been left to her father. Throughout her struggles between blending into local small-town politics, dealing with a distant and very difficult family member, and trying to stay under the radar while every single bachelor in Guthrie tries to date her, she finds her true self and ends up right where she belongs... SUCH A GREAT STORY!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

{fun at the fair}

When the boy is away, the girl will play... Seeing as my honey is in Washington D.C. this week for work, I decided to take a short road trip to visit friends last night in Lebanon and attend the ever-popular Wilson County Fair. For all those out there that are unaware of the unimportance of this annual event, it's one of the most fun experience you will ever have--guaranteed! Where else can you win a pet goldfish, stock up on greasy food, tour the local booths, and watch the Fairest of the Fair pagenat all in one night... you guessed it, nowhere else!
I met my old friends Matt and Jenna last night and my oh my did we have some fun! I love the fact I live in Nashville and enjoy the everyday hustle and bustle of city life, but can venture 30 minutes to L-town and kick back in the country whenever I need to... I may not be able to do it as often as I like, but this City Mouse likes to hang with the locals every once in awhile =)
P.S. When I got to work this morning, everyone wanted to know what I ate... I'm happy to report I was horrible adn indulged in a corndog, french fries, and cheesecake dipped in chocolate... Here are a few pictures that sum up our interesting (to say the least) night of fun!

Monday's Activities... Too Bad We Missed the Crochet Contest!!
Only in TN Will You See a Man Dressed Like a Cow = LOVE IT
Such a Perfect Day for a Pony Ride, But I'm Too Big =(Jenna and I Ready for the PIG RACES!!
They Were Named After Nascar Drivers (As Jenna Would Say, "BLESS!") Pretty Sunset!!
In Case You Were Wondering, They Have DOGS OF ALL KINDS
Carnie Game Time!
Have I Mentioned Clowns Scare Me??
Jenna's Prize Snake

An "ED"ucation in Class

Fact #1: Yes, I am a reality TV junkie...and I follow the characters after the shows are over
Fact #2: Anything you say as a TV persona can and will be used against you
Fact #3: Ed Swiderski is the biggest LAME-O to ever appear on The Bachelor/ette series

I've said it before and I'll say it again--I love(d) Jillian Harris, but she needs some serious psychological help if she stays with this macho shovanist pig after everything he has said--and done--since he met her on the show. Reporting from US magazine, Ed apparently told producers he wanted to come home (not for work like he mentioned, but because he had a girlfriend at home!)

The cat is out of the bag... his complete list of emails from Lindsey Johnson and other girlfriend Bethany Steffen are online and the Reality TV blogger Steve is now putting them on the web for all to see. He told Johnson he loved her and reassured her saying "You know I never took this thing seriously. In addition, I've let the director know that I would be doing the show for the wrong reasons as I am not, in any way, attracted to the chick."
If she had picked wholesome cutey-pie Reid or hottie bo body Kypton I don't think we'd be having this predicament... now she's stuck with jorts man who is the worst dresser to ever walk the Earth--poor Jillian

Monday, August 24, 2009

{Can't Ready My Poker Face}

Happy Monday!! Hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine was... so nice to be able to spend time with friends and family and not have to travel out of town--for the first time in a long time, it actually felt like the weekend, and I enjoyed the beautiful weather outside, too!
Friday night, Jeff and I drove to the 'Boro to hang out with my parents. They were so cute to have us Dad needed to teach Jeff how to play Texas Hold 'Em because he's in a tournament this week while he's at a conference in Washington D.C. We ordered BBQ from Jim 'N Nicks and my Mom made one of my favorite pies--chocolate meringue!! It was to die for and she did so well since it was her first time attempting the difficult dessert. After a crash course lesson in the game, my Dad dealed us all in and we had so much fun playing with his poker set... then we took on my parents in Catchphrase, although they won 2 out of 3 times and now we owe them dinner-LOL!

Good luck in your poker tournament tomorrow baby-- that jackpot cash prize has my name all over it =)
My Dad's Official Poker Set
Jeff and I Taking on the Parents

My Mom and Dad--So Cute!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

{Making it Work}

Finally!! I've been waiting for what seems like a year for Project Runway to finally make it's season debut and last night's first episode definitely didn't disappoint... talk about drama: the former meth addict had an emotional breakdown (Johnny), one designer sent a nude nightgown down the runway (Mitchell), and what in the world was that freaklishy odd spaceship enterprise design from the 1st eliminated designer (Ari). In all of the craziness of the red carpet design challenge, I found a few favorites that I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for:

{1} Althea Harper from Dayton, OH--not only did she intern for Vivienne Westood, but she is absolutely adorable! Her 'Old Hollywood' glamour dress last night was really impressive for her first design and I can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve this season!

{2} Christopher Straub from Shakopee, MN--the definite underdog! He couldn't afford to go to college or fashion design school because of a death in the family, but his aesthetic is incredible and he took home the 1st victory last night; his designs are romantic but edgy and you can tell he certainly has a "point of view" as the judges like to say

P.S. Have I mentioned how much I adore Heidi Klum? She is just the cutest thing and talk about "THE BODY"-- 3 kids and another on the way, I need her workout routine now please

Tune in on Thursday nights on Lifetime at 9 p.m. to watch the fun!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

{My Home Away from Home}

While perusing some of my favorite blogs, I noticed a lot of people post about their offices, where they work, etc. and so I had myself a little photoshoot the other day so you could see where I spend the majority of my day...

Welcome!! I am very lucky to have an actual
office, unlike most corporate offices nowadays
(FYI: Sorry for the bad lighting)

My Favorite Wall-- can you tell how proud I am of my degree?? GO VOLS!
How I Stay Organized! **Notice the Countdown =)
My Neatly Organized Desk

Nothing too special I assume, but pictures of my family and friends and personal touches here and there make coming to work a lot easier somedays... well, that and the coffee!!
Enjoy the weekend and hope yours is going to be just as relaxing as mine =)

{Glass-Half Full Quotes} Series Post No. 4

I frequently have people ask me how I'm always happy and walk around with (what seems to be) a constant smile on my face--and the answer is simple-- if you think positively, it's easy to be happy and content with the life you call your own. Now don't get me wrong, sure I have those days just like everyone else where things go wrong and I sit and sulk... but that's where it stops. To be happy, you must only think good thoughts and always look on the bright side about what's to come next.

From an early age, my Mom taught me to be thankful for the blessings in my life and to always have a positive outlook--there are so many aspects of my life where I could hold grudges when things didn't go my way (yes, the only child syndrome rears its ugly head), but with every hurdle I've had to face in my 26 years, I've picked up and kept going. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets so I believe that you should learn from your mistakes and move on with your life, but never look back with regret. This life is far too short to sit and ponder about the misfortunes you have to deal with...

"therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow
will worry about itself. each day has enough trouble of its own"
"do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile,
laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live"
"happiness is the secret to all beauty. there is no beauty that is attractive without happiness"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Caddy Shack

If I haven't mentioned this before, I am extremely competitive. Being from a family with ALL girls, my dad and grandfather taught me to be extremely athletic--even under my girlish exterior--and to this day, I love to play sports. There is nothing like a summer softball game with friends or a co-ed kickball team that celebrates both wins and losses with happy hour, but my boyfriend is a die hard golf player. Jeff learned to play golf with his dad when he was 8 and has played (very well I might add) ever since.
I've always wanted to be one of those cute couples you see who play golf together and so I decided--after much consideration and thought-- that it was time to purchase golf clubs of my very own. This past Saturday, we went out to Cool Springs and went to a few golf and sporting good stores and finally purchased my first set of clubs at Dicks. Of course Jeff wanted me to get the package set that comes with everything I need to get started, but being the hard-headed person I am, I found another set of woods and irons I preferred which coincidentally enough are ORANGE- always supporting my VOLS! Even better, he treated me and got me all the supplies I need to get started playing with tees, a glove, and golf balls... I was like a kid in a candy store and couldn't wait to get started.

Sunday afternoon was my first experience out to the driving range and it was an interesting outing to say the least. Did I stink? Absolutely yes, but I had such an amazing time. Jeff is an extremely patient person--something I truly wish I could be-- and is a great teacher. Once I finally learned to keep my arm straight and my head down at ALL times, I started making great headway and made a few really fantastic shots... I can't wait to get back out there next weekend and we may just head to the course for a game of 9!! I just need to remember to GRIP IT AND RIP IT and for any of you readers out there that play, any and all advice related to golf is much appreciated.

P.S. check out the amazingly cute golf bag I ordered yesterday-- I may not be the best player yet, but I'm sure to be the blonde wearing the bright colored shirt and cute golf skirt with the polka dot bag- HAHA! =)

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