{why i love this week}

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1. i now have a life again... thanks to work not taking over my every waking moment until after the holidays are over

2. christmas is only 10 days away-- and i'm even spending the night with my parents on christmas eve so it really will be me with my parents, just like always =)

3. 2 of my best friends, hurt and candice, are graduating from graduate school this week and we are all going out to dinner friday night to celebrate! so proud of them...

4. i am not sick anymore, so i am back at the gym training... 3 miles on sunday never felt so good!

5. almost all my shopping is done so i won't be stressed out this time next week- YAY!

6. i finished new moon so i am trying to get a few of the girls together to go see the flick!! {lauren, candice, beth-- any takers???}


  1. Me, Me, Me...pick Me to see New Moon =)

    when are we having a movie date?

  2. Yay for work not being hectic anymore. Time to enjoy the holidays

  3. Sounds like things are looking good :)
    Always feels good to get back into the gym... man, I really need to do that!!