{So Much to Do, So Little Time}

Thursday, December 10, 2009

this is the song that should describe how i am feeling during the holidays right now...

yes, so  much to do, and there is never enough time {do i sound like jessie from saved by the bell??? BTW- that is my favorite episode of all time}. back to the matter at hand, i still have gifts on my list i need to check-off and because of work and how absolutlely slammed i am, this hasn't been happening this week, although somehow i managed to spend a horrific $85 at target last night on wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, and stocking stuffers {and yes, i said $85}

i am trying to remain optimistic and positive, even though i am still sick and i'm basically deaf because my ear infection drops clog my ears to allow it to hear... my poor boyfriend has to yell at me so i can hear him- HA! the weekend is fast approaching and, contrary to my happiness, i have a feeling much of my "free time" will be spent at my office this weekend trying to get a proposal out the door =(

now i am just telling myself there is light at the end of the tunnel= wine at my house and loving friends and family to help me--although the highlight of my weekend will most definitely involve decorating christmas packages. my mother initiated this LONG ago, and it's a tradition i have taken on... it's basically a competition to see who's gifts look the best and BTW: she always wins! my competitive drive is in full force this year i am ready to take over the reign for 2009-- i have found the cutest ideas at my favorite sites, too, for some much needed inspiration....

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