{santa claus is coming to town}

Friday, December 18, 2009

"he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good so you better be good for goodness sake"...
i think i have been rather jolly and good this year so come next friday, i am hoping for some good treats under the tree--since there are no babies in my family, my sweet mother still spoils me and goes overboard each year {not that i mind one single bit!}
in even MORE exciting news, my good friend lauren gave me hope this morning that nashville may experience a WHITE CHRISTMAS afterall!!! the forecast is calling for snow showers christmas eve AND christmas day--and yes, it's been that long since it's happened and i am dying to get out our old-school sleds soon!!!

i also wanted to share our new little tradition jeff and i are starting... we are going to collect an ornament each year for our tree symbolizing something special that happened each year--for 2009, we are celebrating our very first christmas together! isn't this the cutest hallmark ornament???
{and yes, though we're not married or engaged, we did buy this... there isn't a rule and it's OUR tradition so we're doing what we want =)}

do you have any fun christmas traditions? i love hearing how everyone makes their holiday unique!

tonight, we are going to dinner at Big River Grille downtown to celebrate 2 of my friends' graduations from graduate school... candice and {megan}hurt! we are all so very proud of them and we thought it was a great opportunity to celebrate their great accomplishments!!

**Note: Hurt, this is the last picture I had of us where it was just us together and/or 1 other person and this was back in March= completely unacceptable!! I will be fixing that tonight =)


  1. My mom spoils me too still. I love it! And Fred and I collect ornaments. I love it! They're always great to have. Have fun tonight! And tell Candice I said hello and congratulations!

  2. Oh I LOVE that ornament!! I need to go buy us a "first christmas" but haven't found the time yet!!

  3. ah! i'm happy i'm not the only couple who does this either!! last year was steve and i's first christmas, so we got an ornament that, of course said "our 1st christmas" then this year we got "our 2nd christmas, 2009"...but i'm beginning to think i can't keep putting "our 3,4,5,6, blah blah christmas" on there!! haha

  4. Adorable ornament! I love traditions like that, we do the same thing and think of how great that will be to pass on some day:) Have a great weekend girl!