quote series no. 8 {perfect love}

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

back to one of my favorite topics...  l  o  v  e. have you been lucky enough to find 'the one'? going down the complicated road of life, i sometimes questioned whether or not i would find the person who would complete me, i wondered if i was worthy enough to have those butterflies in my stomach, but most of all, i opened my heart completely to the idea that he was out there {even though it seemed hopeless at times}.
as a person that wears her heart on her sleeve, i have had my fair share of depair, of people that have broken my heart, but looking back, i wouldn't change my path for any reason at all, because luckily enough, it caused me to meet the person that is my best friend and the person i hope to spend a lifetime with.
this series of posts is dedicated to my better half, jeff... {and yes i am a love sap} this season makes everyone think deeply about what is most important in theif life and you are that to me. i found God with you this year, and i found myself as well--thank you for making me want to be a better person, for loving me wholeheartedly {faults and all}, and i promise to love you always


  1. I walked away from a decade long relationship to the hubs. We were engaged in 10 months. I never knew just what had been missing. With the hubs...I'm complete!

  2. I love these quotes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. sigh, i am very lucky enough to have found "the one"

  4. love (did I say) love the quotes! I hope your holidays are bright and cheery!

  5. I love the one about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. So true!

  6. i love this post.
    those quotes are so sweet.
    that first image is beautiful. :)love your blog! :)