Our Litte Family Holiday Card {2009 Edition}

Friday, December 18, 2009

Because I am a complete holiday-aholic and love JibJab so very much, I thought I would design the Masscorn AKA future Grunking's 2009 Christmas Card-- is this not the funniest thing?? I KNOW they are going to kill me for doing this, but I thought it was hilarious!!
And yes, of course I had to be the ballerina: 1) because I designed it, and 2) because I took dance lessons for 13 years, so I think I achieved the status in one way or another =)

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  1. You would be the ballerina! I wonder if Jeff would let Aaron borrow his red tights for his Nutcracker outfit!!! HA!

  2. OMG! my boyfriend and I did this too! SOOOOO FUNNY!

  3. Too cute! I might have to try this!