{Making it Through}

Friday, December 11, 2009

what has gotten into me this week??? i have been under the weather, swamped at work, and stressed out beyond recognition. the only thing keeping me from going LOCO on someone at work is this little puppy right here...

a grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte... ahh yes! the joys of starbucks in the morning, fighting over the other bazillion patrons in green hills who need a caffeine fix just as badly as i =)

on to more important things... my weekend activities.
tonight, jeff and i are headed to knoxville to celebrate the holidays with his company's office--even better--he's treating everyone to ruth's chris, one of my personal favorites. at least i have something to look forward to all afternoon.
tomorrow morning, we're headed back to nashville to meet up with our realtor and look at houses-- as much as i try, it's hard not to get excited about potentially finding our first home together, but we will see!
saturday night, it's downtown for my company's christmas party--at the old spaghetti factory. this year we're making it very casual, but i think we're in for a lot of fun!
hopefully sunday will be spent at church and relaxing before i head into work for the afternoon to work.  i have a HUGE proposal due monday afternoon...please say a prayer that all goes well, because this has been consuming my brain for more than 2 weeks now, so any positive energy sent my way would be great!
and then on monday (the day i've been waiting for ALL week), i finally get to resume my workouts since taking off all week to recuperate-- YAY!!!

hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!! OXOX


  1. We are looking for our first home as well. I can't help it but that's all I have been thinking about. By the way I recently became a follower! Have fun this weekend!

  2. Company Christmas parties, and a possible new house... what a wonderful weekend :) And the starbucks is amazing, and who couldn't love those cups!

  3. i got so excited for you when you said this: "potentially finding our first home together" ahhh!!!! hope things go well =) keep us updated!!!

  4. Hope you had a great weekend, just stumbled upon your blog! Love it, and your header is TOO CUTE!!