{It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year}

Monday, December 7, 2009

Indeed it is!! As cliche as it sounds, this weekend was everything I hoped it would be AND more... my best friends were in town and I got to have some much-needed quality time with the people I love most.
Friday night we had everyone over for food, fun, and wine... we only made it through Love Actually because most of our evening was spent catching up and having girl time!! Even though we claim to be "old," somehow we managed to stay up until 3:30AM and were quite proud of our little accomplishment of being late-nighters

Meg and I under our Christmas Tree... sadly enough, this is the only picture I took Friday night... what a horrible photog I have become =(

Saturday morning I made us a fabulous breakfast feast...

Yes, these are store bought cinnamon rolls I threw in the oven and our leftover rice krispie treats--wow, we know how to spoil our guests, right?? Haha!

Afterwards, we all got ready and headed to the mall to pick out our angels... after looking through the list of the angels from the Salvation Army Tree, we thought we needed to indulge and get not 1 but 2 angels this year!

We made our way to Target for a shopping spree and divided into 2 teams to conquer our checklists and give these less fortunate kids a wonderful Christmas to remember! Here's our  fantastic loot:

I swear, nothing in the world gives me as much happiness as doing things for others, especially during the Christmas holidays... sure, us girls could have spent money on each other and done a game of Dirty Santa, but doing this made each of us so much happier because we were celebrating the season and making a child's Christmas wishes come true, which is what Christmas is all about. This will be a tradition we will continue for years to come...
Saturday afternoon we went back home to watch the SEC Championship! Cheering on the Gators, we were hoping for a win for Tebow, but unfortunately Nick Saban (I call him Satan because he is so hateful) got the best of them and the Crimson Tide will now be playing the Texas Longhorns in the National Championship game- yuck!
**FYI: yes I will be supporting the Roll Tide due to the fact that they are from the SEC and because I loathe Texas fans-- we wear the REAL orange =)

To begin our fun night on the town, we made reservations at Lime, which I had never been to! I have to admit, the food was pricey, but the atmosphere was great and we all loved our meal... afterwards we headed to our old stomping grounds, Tin Roof, for some fun dancing!! Of course we lined the stage gathered in the front row and danced all night long... here are some of my favorite shots!

Then came Sunday morning {which came a little too early might I add}... we attended church and sang loads of Christmas songs!! Then Jeff and I met my parents for our shopping adventure in Cool Springs!! What a fun afternoon-- since we checked our lists off early, we rewarded ourselves to an early movie, The Blind Side.
I'm sure you've read this on other blogs, but seriously--go see this movie!! It's one that will warm your heart and will make you extremely happy... Sandra Bullock, you did an AMAZING job and I hope you win an award for your portrayal!

Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did. On a sadder note, I officially have an ear infection and will be medicated this afternoon on antibiotics so it's back home for me after lunch to recooperate =(


  1. sounds like a great weekend!
    my husband and i are adopting a family for Christmas this year! Its always nice to spread the giving!

  2. What a fun weekend! I hope you get to feeling better!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend with the girls!! And what a great gift you all give to those in need. So inspiring!!


  4. Frankly, I loooooooove those store cinnamon rolls! And you ladies all look gorgeous. : )