Houses, and Work, and Shopping OH MY

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I feel like I have been missing out on the blogging world for ages, though I know it's only been a few days... to put it nicely, I have been worked like a mule to the bone at work and after yesterday, I am just now coming up for air--I have been working on a million dollar proposal for the last 2 weeks and it was finally submitted to the client yesterday afternoon THANK THE LORD!! {I now feel like I have my life back again}...

but in the essence of the season, I don't want to focus on the hectic, craziness, let's talk about all the fun with friends and my work family I had last weekend...

Friday night, we drove to Knoxville for Jeff's Christmas Party--lucky for me, we got to indulge at Ruth's Chris and even better, I got to hang out with my best friend Bev because her husband works for the same company... we had a slumber party that night with the Miller's and watched {though us girls feel asleep at the begining} one of my favorite holiday movies, Chrismtas Vacation!!
The next morning, we headed back to Nashville to meet with our realtor to look at houses... seems like it is all happening so fast! Though we found a few we didn't like {the pictures can make a dump look like a princess castle}, we did find an adorable house that we'll be adding to our list to watch in the next few months. Here are a few pictures: {and yes, it is that cozy inside, too!}

Don't worry friends, we aren't buying just yet... we both agreed we need to scour Nashville through and through and make sure we find "the one" =). It is very exciting to think that hopefully this time next year we'll be celebrating Christmas in our first place... OK, enough with the sentiment.
{P.S. I think I watch too much HGTV because the entire time we were looking at houses, I felt like I was on an episode of My First Place, House Hunters, and Property Virgins-haha!}

That afternoon, I treated Jeff to my favorite fast Mexican chain... Chipotle finally opened in Nashville and I had been ready to dig in since the grand opening last week!! The most amazing burrito bowl EVER

Saturday night, we had my company's annual Christmas Party... this year, we chose a laidback atmosphere, but still fun for the holidays, Old Spaghetti Factory! Luckily they had reserved a private dining room for all of us and we had a great time. We even went to Buffalo Billards for some pool fun, even though I am horrible!!

Sunday, it was back to the mall for me... needing to get more shopping done, I got to have some ME-time, which is always nice. I spoiled myself with a little treat from Dillards to wear on Christmas Eve, {but will not share until next week} and finished my list except for 1 thing--I've made a lot of progress and now all I have to do is WRAP!
FYI: Tons of stores are having bigger dicsounts now that Christmas is a mere 10 days away...
JCrew: 30% off
Old Navy: 20% off
Victoria's Secret: 15% off your entire order
Gap (in store): sweaters 1/2 off

What a fantastic weekend-- hope yours was great, too!!


  1. House Hunting!! fun! I love looking at houses! some lazy weekends we check out open houses in the area!
    great to know about SALES! Im heading out today to do some shopping!

  2. Love that house! Keep us updated!

  3. i have fallin' in love with that house!!! omgosh its so cute!! and i love the kitchen =) can't wait to see more!!

  4. Ahhhh...House hunting!!! How wonderful. And that house, its adorable. I can see why you want to keep it on the list