Wishful Wednesday... Chore}

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

this week's topic reminds me of what i need to go home and do tonight... over at kelsey's blog, it's time for the weekly round for wednesday, the ever-popular 'i wish' topic

'I wish' .... I never had to
clean bathrooms again!

in other words, i dislike despise cleaning bathrooms--it seems to me that once i think i am done, it's already dirty again and the process starts all over. just like kelsey, i have invested in the gloves so you can get the task accomplished without getting grimey--oh i can only hope one day i can afford the luxury of having a cleaning lady come out every few weeks to tackle this for me!! nice to hope, right???

FYI: in other news, i finished Twilight last night!! for those of you who haven't jumped on the bandwagon of the Meyer saga, DO IT... i'm not normally into science fiction, but this story will have you biting your nails to see what happens--now if the UPS man will only deliver my package from borders with NEW MOON!!


  1. you and me both! I HATE cleaning the bathrooms more than i hate going to the dentist!

  2. This is definitely a common answer for most people, and I couldn't agree more! They are slimy and yucky! :)

  3. It just grosses me out thinking of what needs to be cleaned!!

  4. try cleaning the bathroom that i shared with 20 other people for the month of July while at camp! That was gross.

    P.S. I am about to reread the Twilight Saga... so ready for New Moon to come out at the theater!