{the TYPICAL weekend}

Monday, November 16, 2009

this past weekend was anything but typical... but still fun nonetheless... let me spill the beans

1. friday, i took off work early to meet my mom at christmas village at the nashville fairgrounds--run by the women of pi beta phi, this philanthropy has hundreds of local merchants who set up booths and so you can come purchase holiday goods--isn't that the best idea?? not only do they make A LOT of money for their philanthropy, but nashville women stock up on decor, food, jewlery, accessories, and too much more to mention.
we did extremely well! i added a pewter cheese tray to my collection, fell in love with 2 more scarves i just had to have {i know, i have a problem}, stocked up on some delish soup and dip mixes, and got to sample lots of homemade goodies!
afterwards, we met my dad and jeff for dinner at our favorite place... mikados! my honey was so sweet to pick up my mom a birthday card just from him and brought some goodness to share for dessert... nashville's famous Gigi's Cupcakes!! we sampled the carrot cake, the scarlet red velvet, and the tiger tails--they were delicious!!! p.s. you can check out their full menu and daily specials here

2. saturday, we were up at the crack of dawn forcing ourselves to make it to the gym for a morning workout--was happy i went, but even more excited the minute i walked out of there =)... then we ventured to sam's in hillsboro village--even though the game didn't turn out well, we still had a great time and had some amusing guests seated next to us.

me and jeffrey watching ut/ole miss at sam's

me, adam, and candice!!

that night, we had dinner at one of our favorite local spots, "the local taco", and then went to crow's nest for some drinks... needless to say, we have realized just how old we are as we ventured home right after midnight--pathetic, i know

3. sunday, my favorite day... we were up bright and early and headed to church! yesterday was commitment sunday and i was so excited to sign up to make my contribution for next year--i am really hopeful that everyone in our church decided to give something which will help those less fortunate and we can all make a difference in our community.
after church, we had brunch at brick's cafe with the grey's, candice, and adam, and then went and had a doggie play date with sadie and chloe... they wore each other out fast, but were ever so sweet!
then last night, i finally got to watch TWILIGHT! i have to agree {like most of you} that as always, the book was much better than the movie, but i thought they did a great job and stayed pretty close to the book's version- NEXT STOP, i am starting new moon tonight so i can hopefully finish within the next week so candice and i can have a date night to the movies!

happy monday! hope your weekend was great


  1. What a fun weekend! I am SO excited for NEW MOON!

  2. awww sounds like an amazing week! i looked at the gigi's cupcakes site - they just opened a store near my friends house in murfreesboro! i'm going to make him send me some for christmaaas! (I live in MD, but I need some TN goodies!)