Monday, November 9, 2009

What a wonderful weekend... the VOLS and the TITANS won, I finally found a great pair of jeans ON SALE, and I got to spend my weekend with great friends!
Friday night, Meg and I had a roomie date night complete with Moe's {this is our weakness!}, a bottle of wine, and The Proposal--a cute movie with Sandra Bullock. Definitely rent-worthy, especially for a girl's night, too!
Saturday morning, we headed to Village Bridal for her to try on more wedding dresses and then I went out for the afternoon to get some shopping done... funny as it may seem, more than anything I wanted some "me" time--is anyone else out there like me? Sometimes I love nothing more than browsing through stores and acting like I don't have a care in the world. And I treated myself since a little birdie had informed me Old Navy was having their annual 50% Off Outerwear sale--so I stopped in to buy this adorable coat I had been wanting... sadly, they didnt have it in-store, BUT you can order online--check it out!! Isn't it so cute???
Later that day, we went to the Encore {a really nice development in downtown Nashville} where one of Jeff's friends lives... they have a movie theater room you can rent so we watched the UT/Memphis game and had so much fun cheering on our VOLS!!
On Sunday, we got up and headed to church--such a blessed day for worship--it was gorgeous all weekend!

On a much more serious note... It seems like everyday, I am more humbled at the fact at how blessed I am all because of Him. My church is in the middle of our Stewardship Drive and this year's theme is "What if Everybody Gave?" Our pastor, Cliff Wright, has such a unique way of asking thought-provoking questions and really getting our congregation to want to give to make a difference. We have had a series of videos presented that involve members of our church community and it's so exciting to see God's work being carried out, even in the smallest of children... I am so lucky to belong to such an incredible group of people and thankful for everyone I have met there so far, which is why I am so excited about next weekend--our pledge weekend. I may not be able to donate as much as some, but just like Cliff said, 'what if everyone gave?' It's not the monetary amount, but the fact that I am willing to step up and contribute back to something that has given me so much grace and joy. I can't wait to see just how much our members pledge to donate--such exciting things to come from everyone's willingness to give back!

Have a great week... I am working on more fun Thanksgiving recipes to post so stay tuned =)


  1. I LOVE that coat!!! I have been meaning to go by there to check out a pair of boots but haven't made it yet!!