{My First Award!}

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yay! I received my very first blog "award"--isn't that fun?? Too bad I don't need to rush out and go shop for a red carpet couture gown- haha! =)
Thanks go out  to Mrs. MFC for her thoughtfulness for not only one, but two awards...

The rules are this: list 10 interesting {oh, this could be tricky--how interesting am I?} facts about myself and then pass on BOTH awards to 10 people! Let's see:

1. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don't speak proper English--maybe all of our Spelling/Grammar/English teachers weren't the best, but I know some people who consistently speak poorly, and it drives me crazy {like Bozo the Clown crazy}

2. I have never ran a race of any kind, but starting NEXT Monday, I will be preparing for my very first 1/2 marathon in Nashville on April 24, 2010... and yes, I will be keeping everyone updated with my progress

3. I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with the holidays... between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I only listen to Holiday music, and I am the person that constantly wants to be talking about the holidays... the decorations, the food, the presents, YAY!

4. I hate potatoes--there I said it! Yes, my friends and family think I am extremely awkward {especially being from the South}, but I don't like them... it's a consistency thing, and no I will never ever try mashed potatoes again- GROSS!

5. Growing up, religion wasn't that big in my household... sure, we went to church and I believed in God, but I didn't really have a "relationship" with Him until just this year-- and on September 13th, I was baptized and became a member of Brentwood United Methodist Church... since accepting Christ in my heart, my life has changed tenfold and I couldn't ask for more
A Picture of Jeff and I After My Baptism

6. I only have one regret in my entire life, and that is giving up the chance to live in my dream city {NYC} because of my college boyfriend--sure there were other factors involved in my decision, but I had a job offer from my internship {Y&R: a very prestigious advertising firm} and I decided to come home to Tennessee instead... it's the ONE thing I know I'll always regret

7. I went skydiving for my 23rd birthday and it was the most incredible adventure I've ever done... I didn't tell my family {beacuse I knew they would FREAK OUT}, but then surprised them after and showed them the video--the best 70 seconds you will ever experience!
Me and Cody Before Getting on the Plane


My Arms Look SCARY!

8. I am such a planner that I basically have my entire wedding planned {and yes, my boyfriend does know what he's in for when that day comes around}... just think of me as Jennifer Lopez in "The Wedding Planner"-- "those who do not wed, plan"

9. You know how everyone has a talent?? Like my Mom can find a 4-leaf clover anywhere... but me, I can tell the exact make and model of a car just by the headlights, even at night. This has been tested time and time again and it freaks my Dad out-- don't know how far this will get me in life, but it's something I guess =)

10. I was named after Natalie Wood, the movie star-- her real name was Natasha...for those of you who don't know me personally, my name is pronounced Na-tash {like cash}- a... sounds more difficult than it really is. And my middle name, Carol, comes from my Grandmother--I love having a meaning behind both of my names

OK, so now I have to tag 10 other bloggers and hand the awards to you... have fun!
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  1. I love LOVE Christmas music. And I may even be listening to some right now;) Seriously, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE!!

    And skydiving...you go girl!!

  2. Thanks for passing the awards to me =)

    I am just like you with many of your 10 things about you. I love holiday music, had the best time of my life skydiving when I was 19, I planned out LOTS of my wedding before I was engaged too, and I can tell most cars from their head lights too ;)

    Congrats on your awards!! You deserve them. Happy Thanksgiving sweetie. xo

  3. I love love holiday music but cannot believe you don't like potatoes! hah you are missing out, but totally understand everyone doesn't like everything! Thanks for sharing the love :)