{Get Excited and Relax}

Friday, November 6, 2009

After the hellacious week I have had at work {which is why I had to partake in late night drinks at Urban Flatts until almost 11pm last night}, I think I am in major need of a perfectly relaxed weekend... on the agenda tonight--roomie bonding time with my best friend! It seems like it has been forever since we have had the opportunity for us to hang out and have time together with a movie, a bottle {or two} of wine, and yummy take-out for dinner... can you tell how excited I am?

I have a major list of to-do items to get accomplished this weekend and finishing Twilight is at the top of it--I know, I am officially on the teenie bopper bandwagon and can't wait to start New Moon next week. I also need to catchup with my beloved Project Runway. I have missed my favorite show for weeks now and since Althea has made it to Bryant Park for Fashion Week, I must catch-up on all the 'make it work' moments. And finally, I've started my Christmas shopping--I am promising myself to be done early this year so I can actually enjoy the season and not be furiously running around like a crazy person the day before Christmas picking up last minute necessities {2 things checked off my list already--not too bad, right??}

I'm also hoping I can get my wonderful boyfriend to take me on a hike after church on Sunday... it'g going to be 65, sunny, and gorgeous here in Nashville all weekend-yay!! Happy Friday!!!


  1. Oh the Twilight books are so addictive!

  2. i gotta catch up on project runway this weekend too.

    <---addicted. do you watch the models of the runway show too? i don't like it as much but i dvr it and watch it when i'm bored lol.

  3. Oh...so wish I could have been there with you two Friday night!! I need to see my besties!!! MISS YOU and LOVE YOU MORE!