{Black Friday Shopping}

Thursday, November 5, 2009

If you are one of the brave and adventureous people out there {like my mom and I} who venture out each year in the wee hours of Black Friday {the day after Thankgiving} to herd with the masses to reap HUGE discounts at local malls and retailers, this post is for you! A good friend of mine told me about this site last year and I signed up to get all of the juicey ads before they're even released on the streets--yes, this could potentially get you into lots of trouble, but you'll know what stores you need to hit to get your Christmas must-haves for 2009.

Each day, I get emails with the newly released Black Friday ads.. so far, I've gotten Walmart, Old Navy, Lowes, Gander Mountain, and the list goes on and on. The closer it gets to Black Friday, the better ads are revealed, too so there is something to look forward to!
You can sign up to get the notifications here...

Unfortunately, this year I will be missing my Mom's company as I am traveling to Hilton Head, SC, for Thanksgiving weekend with Jeff's family... {I know, don't feel too sorry for me} But on the bright side, I have asked conned my beloved boyfriend into taking me to the outlets that day so I can at least get some of my shopping done--bless his heart, I don't think he knows he has signed up for a day of carrying loads of shopping bags around in the chilly cold- so sweet!


  1. You are so brave! I stay away from the malls mid Nov-mid Jan. I get my shopping done early or online. Crowds really drain my holiday spirit.

    Good luck, get some good deals!!

  2. My family I and are those people that dont sleep Thanksgiving night because we are at Best Buy or somewhere else at 2 or 3am!! haha. My husband and friends think we are crazy, but hey we save LOTS of money doing it this way =)

    Thanks for the link to sign up, Im going to do it now! xo

  3. you are a brave soul! good luck on your shopping!! thanks for sharing the link, just did it!! =)