{Wishful Wednesday: Trait}

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Hump Day here which means another installment of Wishful Wednesday
brought to you by Kelsey

'I wish' .... I could change one physical trait about myself and that would be to have muscular, yet skinny legs!!
I am constantly at the YMCA working out--I get up at the crack of dawn everyday throughout the work week and bust my booty with cardio and strength thraining {low weights, high reps} and still don't have the dream gams I so desperately want. Trust me, I am thankful for being able to eat pretty much what I want and still maintain a fairly healthy weight, but oh what life would be like to have supermodel thin legs... oh well, guess I'll count my blessings and be happy how I am and hope one day a personal trainer will come along and rescue me and my legs =)


  1. Cute blog!! Found you through Ashley! :o)

    & I agree! I run all the time and have runners legs! I'd rather not!! lol!

  2. Why wouldn't God give us all fabulously fit and skinny lets :)

    - xoxo

  3. great blog! I am a follower now! yay