{Happy Birthday Gran!}

Friday, October 23, 2009

not that my blessed grandmother will see this post because she still won't allow herself to venture into the world of computers, but i thought i would post it for my own benefit nonetheless. tomorrow is my dear granny's 68th birthday--still young and in her prime, my grandmother has been one of the closest people to me since the day i was born. she watched me from the time i was 5 until i reached high school. i get my middle name, carol, from her and couldn't be prouder that my mom named me after such an incredible woman. she keeps all of us on track {most of the time} and has always been there cheering for me whenever i had setbacks in life.
most of my friends know her because she always sent me cards each week in college and i was ever-so-thankful for that money--sometimes it made all the difference since i wasn't so good at balancing my money back then. she is the best cook you will ever meet and she can bake like no other...certain family members and i fight on christmas when she brings out her famous divinity because we want more than our fair share. to this day, she picks out my grandfather's attire and they match everywhere they go... trust me, this is the cutest thing you will ever see and i hope jeff will allow me to carry on the tradition someday.
happy birthday gran- i love you so much and thank you so much for everything you do and continue to do for not only me, but for our entire family... you are the center to our support system and i am so blessed God put you in my life- OXOX

At my Cousin's Graduation

Celebrating Family Bdays

Three Generations on Vacation =)

Look at Them Dance!! (see the matching outfits??)

Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage!!

At the ICE Exhibit at Opryland Last Year


  1. Aww, so sweet! Tell her I said Happy Birthday!!!

  2. That is soooooo cute. Happy birthday to her :)