{Fiesta: Mexican and Margaritas}

Monday, October 5, 2009

the day has finally come and gone... this past friday was our engagement party for my best friend and her groom-to-be! two of the other bridesmaids and i threw a "mexican and margaritas" themed party for the two lovebirds because more than anything, they love mexican!! {trust me on this one}

we held the fiesta at beverly and christian's house in knoxville, and had their home decked out in bright and festive colors... even better, we had lots of friends in town for the bid UT/AU showdown, which proved to be extra special, so friends of both the bride and groom could be there to celebrate with the happy couple. needless to say, i was stressed beyond words the week of--trying to get everything accomplished in time--but as always, everything worked out perfectly {thanks to great friends who pitch in and help}, and the event was a success!! i think it's safe to say all of our guests had a fabulous time! enjoy a few pictures from the event...

me with candice enjoying dinner!

the two MOHs and the bride

me and my fabulous boyfriend!!

9 out of 10 bridesmaids -- not bad!!

i love these ladies!!

taking her turn at the "adult" pinata


  1. that orange dress is fab! not many gals can do orange but you are rocking it girl :)

  2. the mexican idea is really cute and i freakin' love that orange dress! i want one! haha xoxo

  3. That invitation is adorable!! I will be in Knoxville over Christmas and may have to officially meet one of my favorite bloggers :) You look beautiful in that UT orange dress!