Falling for a Fun Weekend

Friday, October 16, 2009

I am over the moon excited for this weekend... not only are we celebrating one of my best friends' birthdays tonight (and yes, Bev you will be getting a post for that on your day) but I get to go bridesmaid dress shopping with Meg tomorrow! I am so excited we'll finally get to spend some time together... just the two of us (she will be singing the Will Smith song, I just know it). Should be so much fun and I am really looking forward to it--sorry in advance, no pics of that will be posted just yet =)
Tomorrow night, my aunt is having a chili cookout/bonfire at her house... with the fall weather finally here in Nashville (the high tomorrow is 48), I get the chance to get out my favorite winter accessories--scarves and coats and fun OH MY! I am making a yummy autumn dessert for the get together and I'll get to show off the new hair to my family-- this should be entertaining to say the very least... needless to say, they ALL have very strong opinions- haha!

In other news, Wednesday night Jeff and I put our creative skills to work at our church and I got to decorate {the first of many} bulletin boards for the children's ministry group. I came up with a fun and interactive way to get kids thinking about what they are thankful for and here is how it turned out-- and yes, after visiting the parent/teacher store, I think I want my teaching degree.

Oh and one more thing...

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  1. Cute bulletin board! I am a teacher and THE WORST at bulletin boards :) Have a nice weekend, sound like fun!