{Danger Zone...Bachelor in Training}

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

While perusing People's website this morning, I just happened to stumble across the fact that ABC finally released this season's Bachelor... Mr. Jake Pavelka. A bunch of us girls practically fell in love with him last season on Jillian's crazy season, and we were determined he would come back.. right we were!!! So many single (and attached) ladies loved this Texas cutie... he's a pilot by day, and a sweet romantic by night. I think he is about as genuine as they come (we're close, can you tell??)
Oh and P.S. a little birdie had told me that she already knew who The Bachelor was going to be because someone she went to high school with was going to be one of the 25 single ladies on the show... now I am aware there has been some speculation and drama already looming around this season, so I'll be sure to tune in and stay on top of this for all of you! =)

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Oh I know. Beau knows the girl that 'let it slip' (because he went to school with her sister) and she had posted it on her facebook that she won't be participating in it anymore! Crazy crazy!

  2. i love the bachelor! i knew it would be him! yay! he seems so sweet...