{Wishful Wednesday- Job}

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

this week is one of my favorites... lately, i have been extremely stressed out because of my hectic career. not one to complain--too much at least--i have just tried to suck it up and work as hard as i can to get my projects complete on time and hoping for the best. it's hard to complain when i have so much flexibility, fabulous co-workers that have turned into friends, and i get to work on some pretty exciting proposals, but everyone still has that ONE job they wish they could've pursued.
'I wish' .... I got paid $1 million a year to
run my own event planning and design firm!

now wouldn't that be a dream come true?? ahh to be able to be surrounded by invitations and paper and everything involving weddings, parties, and corporate events... that would be the life for me! maybe ONE DAY i can make it happen and just throw myself out there. by now i'm sure you all know i am obsessed with blogging and i have to admit that decor, party planning, and wedding blogs are my vice and i am addicted to blog-stalking them on a daily basis. at least i am working on my new calligraphy blog as we speak- i have the cutest design and can't wait to reveal it so i can start taking orders- YAY! stay tuned =)
have a great wednesday friends

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  1. I am so interested in the calligraphy business .... have you taken classes on it? I bet you are SO creative and talented at it!

    Ohhh to have boo-koos of money to live the life :)