{Dream BIG}

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

today marked my very first post on my very new blog!! what's been a big work-in-progress for me over the past month or so has finally taken on a life of it's own... i never knew that starting a side business was so time consuming so kudos to my blogging friends who have ventured out before me to try something new. i know i am going to have to be patient and pray about what is to come, but this is something i love to do and am happy i have found another creative outlet {to consume my already sparce free time}.
if any of you have the need for personalized items or calligraphy, please don't hesitate to let me know--you can contact me directly at southernpaperie{at}gmail{dot}com. i am going to take things very slowly so i don't overwhelm myself too much at first, but i am proud to say i already have my very first order (thanks Courtney!!) anyways, please feel free to check out my new {and very cute i think} blog:


  1. love your new site!! Congrats! Hope your having a great day! = )

  2. "Dream big" is my motto too! Both of your blogs are adorable!