(Premiere, But No Party}

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's here, it's here... tonight is the season premiere of both of my favorite reality TV shows--some may joke that these MTV dramas aren't necessary "reality", but I could care less... it's entertaining {to say the least} and you never know what is coming next. Plus, they have great fashion and my used-to-be favorite character {Kristin} is coming back on LC's famed show so we'll finally get to see what kind of trouble she stirs up this year! Apparently, Heidi wants a child--Lord, help us all if that couple spawns a baby--and Audrina has supposedly moved on from the Notorious Just Bobby {we'll see about that!}
Unfortunately, with our busy schedules, roomie and I don't get to throw our premiere party this season, but I have a feeling we may have some guests over to take in the fun and sing along with the "Unwritten" and "Top of the World" theme songs... Can't wait to get home in my comfies and gossip with all my girlies tomorrow!!


  1. I forgot they start back up tonight...thanks for the reminder. Im not sure the shows are going to be as good without LC and with the new City Cast.

    My husband HATES when these shows are on. He thinks these shows make the world a dumber place, ha.

  2. Kristin didn't waste any time to start drama with Audrina last night! and ugh, Speidi makes me want to vom! I'm so over them!