{New Beauty Lifesaver}

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I have a little secret I want to let you in on... I have recently discovered {after reading my October Cosmopolitan magazine} a new product that is a MUST try for those of you who torment your hair daily with hair dryers and straightening irons-- this is going to be my lifesaver. Growing up, my Mom always insisted that I use salon hair care products because she said they were the best, especially since I spent so much time and energy (and her $$) on my hair--well now that I supply my own, Loreal seems to work just fine, on most occasions that is.
After constantly getting my hair dyed each month, the bleach and color has really started to take it's toll on my goldilocks and I was seeking a go-to product to protect my beloved hair from falling out... then I came across the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray, which protects your strands from the everyday wear and tear of styling products. I gave it a try this morning for the 1st time and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It left my hair shiny, easy to fix, and much more manageable... {and yes, I was an advertising major in college- haha!}
Even better, it's only $4.99-- I love a good deal!!

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