{It's Tailgating Time!!}

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

With college football season officially kicking off tonight, I thought this would be a great time to visit Memory Lane for a bit... looking at pictures reminiscing about the past few UT football seasons-- I don't think I realized just how much I have changed in the last 4 years since I graduated college, but WOW-- this most definitely brings back lots of old and trasured memories of the sorority-loving, actively-involved-in-campus activities, Tap Room junkie, Chili's Happy Hour loving college co-ed that I used to be in what seems like a past life =)
I may have stayed blonde, but boy the hairstyles have changed quite a bit--these pictures get me ready and raring to go this Saturday for the VOL Walk and the exciting UT traditions I have loved all my life... can't wait!

The Old JPARK Roomies!! (this is 2005=SO LONG AGO)Bev and I Tailgating at the Walker's RV Land (2006)
Jamie, me, and Leslie in Athens for the Annual UT/GA Showdown
Jeff and I at the Old Parking Garage Spot on Campus
Hurt, me, and Cary Tailgating
Die-Hard Old School UT Fans and Their Car
Jenna and me Tailgating at G10 for UT vs. LSU
Bev and Me Again!
Meg, Bev, and I Ready to Party (2007)
Bringing Back the Roomie Memories Again for UT/GA in Knox
Lots of Friends!
Meg and I for UT/FL (2008)

I'm SOOOO Ready to Hear ROCKY TOP... and yes, my obnoxious ringtone will be played the entire season ;)

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  1. 2005?!?!??! That is crazy! No way was that 4 years ago!