Happy Birthday Dad!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It may be raining here in Nashville (which has been ongoing for more than a week now), but it's a sunny day because it's my Dad's Birthday!!! I am so fortunate to have a father who is such a big part of my life... my parents are the most supportive people a girl could ask for, and I am blessed to have them so close to me. This weekend, we got to celebrate my Dad's birthday because today is so crazy for all of us and our work schedules.

Jeff took my Dad shooting at a gun range Saturday at a family friend's store and they couldn't wait to get home and show us their targets and brag about how well they did... so sweet!! Then we watched football all afternoon and grilled out and ate the best lemon birthday cake EVER!

Thanks Dad for all that you do- I love you so much and have a great day!! OXOX

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