{Do What You Love}

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

have you ever felt like you were missing out on something you knew you wanted to do? i am usually the type of person who sticks herself out there and has enough courage to conquer--what i think is almost anything--but i figure now is as good a time as any. i have been wanting to pursue my own part time hobby/job for some time now and just kept putting it off...either i was too busy focusing on other things, or too lazy to take the initiative to step up and make it happen. i don't know what has gotten into me all of a sudden, but i am taking the plunge and i couldn't be more thrilled.
for anyone that knows me, you have to understand that i am obsessed [and yes this is taking it lightly] with everything personalized... in school growing up, i was the girl who had doodles all over her notebook and changed her handwriting frequently just because i needed a "change". i was the sorority sister in college who decorated and paint-penned all of her friend's little sis gifts during reveal week when we surprised them with handmade goodies. and now i seem to have transformed into the young woman who started doing calligraphy for each of her friends as they embark on new and exciting adventures in their life... whether it be for weddings and parties, or events for babies and children.
i am starting my own Etsy shop and am in the beginning stages of designing my brand new blog to display all my work... i hope you'll continue to read as i continue to blog about "a day in my life", and stay tuned for more fun as i change direction a bit and follow my heart!


  1. Congrats!!! Cant wait to check out your new shop!! I change my handwriting all the time too and make everything "Angified" haha. Hope your having a great night!! = )

  2. How exciting! Keep us updated on your new adventure!!! Congrats