{My Home Away from Home}

Thursday, August 20, 2009

While perusing some of my favorite blogs, I noticed a lot of people post about their offices, where they work, etc. and so I had myself a little photoshoot the other day so you could see where I spend the majority of my day...

Welcome!! I am very lucky to have an actual
office, unlike most corporate offices nowadays
(FYI: Sorry for the bad lighting)

My Favorite Wall-- can you tell how proud I am of my degree?? GO VOLS!
How I Stay Organized! **Notice the Countdown =)
My Neatly Organized Desk

Nothing too special I assume, but pictures of my family and friends and personal touches here and there make coming to work a lot easier somedays... well, that and the coffee!!
Enjoy the weekend and hope yours is going to be just as relaxing as mine =)


  1. Fun! I've never seen your office :)

  2. You are SOOO cute!!! I did not even know you exist!!! :)
    follow me on twitter toooooo floridabrides