Just What Every VOL Fan Wants to Hear

Friday, August 28, 2009

Published on MSN this morning, they created a ranking of the "Top 10 Shocking College Football Scenarios" and my beloved VOLS made the list, not once, but TWICE {as though you are surprised!} What are the events you ask??
(1). To make a long story short, our new coach makes his debut down in the 'Swamp this year, taking on Florida and the "wonder kid" Tim Tebow. The sporting gurus are saying this could the "THE" upset of the year and yes, I am keeping my fingers crossed!! The pregame hatred between our two teams has already begun, and I'm guessing by the time we play them in a mere 3 weeks, it's going to turn into an all out brawl... to put it nicely, our coaches despise each other. Interestingly enough, we tied for the 3rd best defense in the country next year, and that was before we had the king of D, Monte Kiffin.
(2) Eric Berry wins the Heisman... die-hard fans are still scratching our heads as to how Charles Woodson beat Peyton Manning in 1997 for the beloved trophy--we are being optimistic about this year's chances of our boy stealing the spotlight from Tim Tebow {come one, he's already won once!} Visit the website and show your support for this deserving young man!!

Read the full article here
P.S. In 1 week, I'll be heading to Knoxville to reunite with old friends and watch those boys run through the T to make their 2009 football season debut---- GO VOLS!!!!!


  1. My parents-in-law live in Knoxville - such a fun town. The RUSH always gives me a good laugh ... have you ever worked out there? Have fun!

  2. Cute blog! I'm from southern kentucky and would go to nashville about once a week. i still try to go on occasion--my cousin does some coaching with belmont basketball ;)