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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This time each year, I start to think I may have missed my true calling when I choose my career path back in college... since I first started school, I couldn't wait until the stores started rolling out the school supply aisles. It's a bit of an obsessive compulsive attribute I seem to have developed along the way, but even now I get excited thinking about how teachers get the opportunity (I think priviledge, I assume my friends who are teachers think otherwise) to decorate their classrooms and stock up for supplies each year before school starts back.

Even now, I can't help but be a little envious about the cute bulletin boards, dry erase markers, and other fun school memorabilia waiting for them at the Parent-Teacher store. I think our teachers are some of the most influential people that can help to shape a child's future and I am very thankful for some of the professors and teachers I had in school that helped put me on the road to success... I wish I could tell some of them just how much they meant to me way back when.
With that in mind, this past weekend at our church, they announced they were having a 'Christmas in July' donation drive for none other than what -- SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Yes, I know, it was like a dream come true. After our service, I ran to see what I could pickup for the kids and adopted an elementary schooler named Callie.
During my lunch errands today, I went and picked up everything on my list and was very excited... of course I got her the cutest folders, markers, notebooks, and pencil pouches a 2nd grader could want and I can't wait to drop it off at church next weekend: And, even better, I was able to accomplish my good deed for the day, too!

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