Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

Monday, June 8, 2009

This past Friday was my first turn for our weekly "Date Night"... Having to work with a $25 budget may sound easy, but it was actually quite hard because I was really trying to be creative and not only have dinner, but have entertainment for our night of fun on the town. After a few days of planning and asking friends their opinions, I decided to grill out all-American style food at Jeff's house: I made hot dogs, the big gameday-type pretzels with cheese dip, chips, and then bought Cracker Jacks since it went along with my little theme - he didn't know what we were doing exactly, but when we started eating I told him there was more and he finally put all the pieces together and guessed we were going to the Nashville Sounds baseball game!!

Tooting my own horn a bit, Jeff was really excited that I had taken the time to put a lot of thought into my date and make it special... with the money I saved by cooking at home instead of eating at the game, we got to enjoy some beers which is always nice. The weather was perfect and our seats were 2 rows behind the Sounds dugout- all in all, we had a great time!! Such a fun place to go with friends, too - just watch out for all those high-flying foul balls =)

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