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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yes, I am singing this song - the poor people in my office had to listen to Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" this morning because I got the best surprise last night from my beloved Jeff...

He is taking me to NEW YORK CITY for my birthday!! Technically, we're visiting the week before my birthday because I'll be venturing to Rosemary Beach with my Mom during my celebratory week (yes, it's a week long this year because I'm getting so old), but why not start early - we leave exactly a month from today!!
It was the sweetest thing: he bought me a birthday card and wrote a sweet letter inside telling me how much he loves getting to experience life with me and how he wanted to do something special for my birthday which is why he wanted to take me to my favorite city- he said my face lights up when I talk about NYC and how much I loved living there and he knew it was the perfect place to take me for a long weekend getaway adventure!

Talk about budgeting now - I've got to plan our itinerary (Jeff's never visited Manhattan before so I want to take him and do some of the touristy things), get my wardrobe in check, and save loads of money for the shopping extravaganza that's about to take place... oh how Bloomingdales and H&M are literally calling my name - oh la la, I'll be daydreaming until we leave!! And just to think, I was actually dreading turning 26 this year- HA!
Things to Do Before Trip:
1. Plan PERFECT restaurant experiences (Zagat, this is why you're a lifesaver)
2. List out specific hot-spots to locate come celebs (i.e. Whitney Port, Diddy, Beyonce/Jay-Z)
3. Workout like there is no tomorrow (because I'll be eating my Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendippity, and Brunch Feast from Norma's)
4. Learn to Love Cereal for Dinner (no eating out for this lady!!)
5. Remember how to hail a cab without getting run-over
6. Update my knowledge on the subway system... oh how I missed you street performers
7. Pray that the new Sex and the City movie has started filimg again so I can stalk SJP
8. Recall that I'll be paying too much for dinner and drinks, but the atmosphere will be well worth it - note to self, cash only =(

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