Kings of Leon

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My recent music infatuation takes the name Kings of Leon and interestingly enough, their newest album happens to be their THIRD release (I had no idea!!) Always wanting to support the locals, what's even better is that the members of KOL hail from the hills of Tennessee and they're all related.. talk about natural family talent!! They've been on the road touring for 5 years and have created quite a following under their southern and garage rock genre... I have friends who saw their last Nashville concert at the Municipal Auditorium last fall and said it was amazing! Most importantly, I found out last week that they will be headlining a concert at the Sommet Center on Friday, October 16th... the boyfriend and I will most definitely be in line early on Saturday, June 20th so we can get our tickets!!

One of my favorite songs... Use Somebody!

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